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Risk management is an ongoing process that involves identifying, assessing and responding to risk. When handling risk, basically there are four ways to do so, including mitigating the risk, transferring it, avoiding the risk or accepting it.

Cyber risk is any risk associated with financial loss, disruption to operations or damage to an organisation's reputation from a negative event impacting the organisation's information and/or information systems.

Examples include cybercrime, data breaches and system outages to name a few. Effective cyber risk management is more than just firewalls, log monitoring or deploying anti-virus software. It requires a holistic view of people, processes and products to architect a secure, resilient and effective organisation. As technology becomes deeply ingrained in everything we do and as organisations become more reliant on information technology, the cyber security threat landscape continually changes making managing cyber risk increasingly more complex. Identifying and implementing the correct mix of people, process and product, balancing risk and reward and maximising the return on investment in security measures is a challenge for most organisations. We help organisations to manage their risk, we do this by leveraging our years and years of experience and knowledge from managing and deploying proven, practical, pragmatic, successful and cost effective IT Security programs to many organisations across many different industries.

We help you to:

  • Identify your key data assets and business processes
  • Assess the strength and effectiveness of your security controls
  • Help build strategies and plans to mitigate your risks; and
  • Design, implement and deploy the right security measures to reduce your risk to an acceptable level.

What We Do

What We Do



Risk has positive aspects if managed correctly – competitive advantage, business growth and revenue expansion to name a few.

We can help you to protect your critical information assets, stay ahead of the latest threats and maximise the value from your information security investments. When partnering with us you obtain access to our expertise from successfully managing information security, technology risk and privacy. CyberRisk has demonstrated experience delivering results and value to organisation’s of all shapes and sizes, we provide services to customers ranging anywhere from small business through to well known Australian household brands.

Is your organisation prepared for a cyber security breach?

Your information has value, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, trade secrets and information relating to bids, mergers and prices are all tempting targets for attackers. A data breach can have many consequences, for example, commercial losses, public relations problems, disruption to business operations and the possibility of extortion. A cyber attack may even expose your organisation to regulatory action, negligence claims, the inability to meet contractual obligations and a damaging loss of trust among customers and suppliers as your reputation is impacted.

Cyber risk is a constantly evolving threat to your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives and deliver on its business goals. A single successful attack could have a devastating impact upon your organisation’s financial standing and reputation.

We help our clients to identify, assess, manage and mitigate their cyber risk.

Based in Melbourne Australia, we provide cybersecurity advice and managed services to clients across Australia and internationally.


Manage your Risk

Manage your Risk


Protect your Reputation

Protect your Reputation

With any aspect of operating a business, the ability to effectively manage your cyber risk is based on being able to make well informed decisions and then executing on them. CyberRisk can provide your organisation with the necessary expertise, experience and skills to do both.

We enable your business for a digital and connected world.

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CyberRisk - Protecting Your Reputation

Technical Security Assessments

        Security Solutions

  • CylancePROTECT® - AI powered prevention
  • KnowBe4 - Security Awareness. Training employees to make better decisions
  • Alyne - Cyber Security, Governance and Risk Management
  • Varonis - Protect your data wherever it lives
  • MailGuard - Email filtering and protection
  • Lepide - Auditing and Monitoring
  • Netskope - Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Tenable - Vulnerability Management
  • LogRhythm - Next-Generation SIEM
  • Dtex Systems - Endpoint Visibility
  • Okta - Strong Authentication
  • Swimlane - SOAR
  • Attivo - Deception
  • Cymulate - Breach and Attack Simulation
  • Extrahop - Network Detection

We can assist with the design and implementation of these solutions.

  • Security Strategy
  • In house security team
  • Risk Management
  • IT Audit
  • Information Security Policy Development
  • ISO27001 Implementation and Certification
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • VPDSS Compliance
  • Threat Profiling and Modeling
  • Security Architecture
  • Secure Solution Design
  • Security Awareness and Safety Culture
  • Cyber Security Health Check
  • Third Party Due Diligence
  • Incident Response

Managed Services

  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Vulnerability Management

Our services

CyberRisk offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities that assist you to manage your risk effectively.
Cyber Security Health Check

A Cyber Security Health Check will give you a comprehensive assessment of the health of your cyber security defences. We will perform an extensive review of your security program to identify and assess vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your security posture. At the completion of the engagement, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of the health of your enterprise and expert guidance on how to address any gaps and make improvements. We can also benchmark your cyber maturity against your peers within your industry.

Security Strategy and Program Design, Implementation and Operation

An organisation needs a security strategy or program that supports its goals and objectives. CyberRisk specialises in designing, implementing and running comprehensive business driven security programs. At CyberRisk, we believe that a successful information security program should be aligned with business objectives, regulatory requirements, industry standards, and enterprise risk management. To do this we assess your organisation’s exposure and risk. We combine this assessment with our expert knowledge of the rapidly evolving threat landscape and develop a prioritised strategy that both mitigates risk and matures your information security capabilities in order to enable future business initiatives and protect your reputation.

Penetration Testing and Posture Assessment

Our comprehensive penetration testing services mimic the actual tactics, techniques and practices that real world attackers would use to attack your systems. CyberRisk can help you find any weaknesses that you might have before the bad guys do.

Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know which of your web applications, databases, servers and network devices are most vulnerable to hackers? Do you understand your level of exposure? Before you can secure your systems and environment, you need to understand where your weaknesses lie. A vulnerability assessment will identify, document and assess weaknesses in your information systems and allow you to take pro-active measures to plug the holes before they are used to breach your defences.

Cyber risk management, audit and compliance

CyberRisk provides guidance and our expertise to help you make informed decisions about addressing gaps and managing your risk. CyberRisk can help you to comply with standards such as the PCI DSS, VPDSS, ISM, NIST SCF and ISO 27001. We also have extensive experience in designing and implementing risk management frameworks and processes.

Security Awareness and Digital Safety Culture

Perfect security is neither practicable nor affordable; information security is about managing risk and managing people. Without the human factor, no amount of money spent on technology or processes will work to reduce the risk of a data breach. People drive technology and as a result human error is the single biggest contributor and root cause of security incidents; however, spending on security awareness is often negligible compared with the amounts spent on security technology. CyberRisk is able to design and implement an effective security awareness program that works.

Incident Response Capability Assessment

Organisations are increasingly finding themselves at risk as cyber attacks and intrusions rise. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted and damaging. CyberRisk can help you to take a proactive stance against unauthorised intrusion and attacks by assessing your organisation’s ability to effectively respond to a cyber attack.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

CyberRisk specialises in designing and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity programs for organisations of all sizes in any industry.

Secure Solution Design

CyberRisk can help you to ensure that you have implemented well designed and cost effective safeguards into your IT systems. Our threat modeling approach allows you to systematically identify and assess the threats that are most likely to affect the security of your systems and data. With a solid understanding of your systems architecture and implementation, we show you how to address threats with appropriate countermeasures starting with the threats that present the greatest risk.


An entity that is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 must take reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. This extends to situations where an entity engages a third party to store, maintain or process personal information on its behalf. CyberRisk can assist you in ensuring that your security controls and safeguards are well designed and are operating effectively, thus allowing you to meet your obligations under the Privacy Act.

Policy Development and Implementation

Your Information Security Policies are the cornerstone of your Information Security Program. Policies explain how information should be secured and managed in your organisation. To be successful you must have well-defined objectives for security and an agreed-upon management strategy for securing information. CyberRisk can assist you in developing pragmatic security policies that your people will actually use.

Data Protection Assessment

Your security program should be designed to deliver value for money, well designed and effective safeguards and a reduction in risk. CyberRisk can assess the maturity of your security program, identify gaps and make recommendations for improvement.

Security Operations Centre – Design, Build and Operation

Is your organisation overwhelmed by the onslaught of security data from disparate systems, platforms and applications? Are your numerous point security solutions (anti-virus, firewalls, intrusion detection, access control, identity management, single sign-on, etc.) creating millions, maybe billions of daily log messages. In addition to directed attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, there are regulatory compliance issues that place an increasing burden on your security, systems and network administrators. This situation creates a large amount of information and log data to manage and you need a formal mechanism to deal with it. One answer is to create a security operations centre (SOC). A SOC in its most basic form is a team that deals with information security incidents and related issues. CyberRisk can assist you in designing, implementing and/or running a SOC.

Compromise Assessment and Cyber Threat Hunting

Attackers are often resident inside a network for months and even years before being detected. Do you suspect that your systems have been breached? Is there an attacker lurking in your environment? CyberRisk can examine your endpoints, servers and network traffic to determine if you have been the target of any attacks.

Incident Response

We all know that it’s impossible to prevent every security incident from occurring, but our incident response team can help you to respond quickly and minimise any damage and downtime when one does occur. A security incident can be a harrowing event, especially if you don’t have the internal resources or expertise to put in place effective actions to contain and limit any damage. If you discover a security breach you must act quickly to determine exactly what happened, how it happened, the scope of the compromise, and most importantly, the steps you must take to contain and remediate the impact. Our team is ready to help.

Inhouse security team

CyberRisk’s security team augmentation services ensure you have the expertise you need to respond to your information security challenges without having to search for, interview, hire, and retain personnel. If you require skilled resources we are here to assist. By using our staff augmentation services you will always have the right skill set and experience when you need it. We allow you to focus on more critical issues rather than temporary staffing problems.

PCI DSS Compliance

If your organisation processes, stores or transmits credit card payments you must become Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. The PCI DSS mandates a set of complex rules for processing, storing or transmitting cardholder details, including credit card number, cardholder name and card expiry date. The level of compliance for your business depends on the number of transactions you are processing (or expect to process). Many organisations struggle with understanding the standard. Making sure you comply can be very challenging, but we can help you to become PCI compliant. We have many years of experience designing and leading PCI compliance initiatives for household Australian brands. let us help you to become compliant.

Small Business Solutions

Small businesses face unique cyber security challenges, but there are simple steps you can take to protect your business. For many small businesses, security might not be your highest priority, however, an information security or cyber security incident can be detrimental to your business, customers, employees and business partners. It is vitally important that you are able to easily understand and manage the risk to your information and IT systems. CyberRisk has a cost effective and simple way to assess your small businesses technical cyber security risk and provide you with advice on how to fix any gaps.

Managed Services

CyberRisk is a managed security service provider (MSSP) providing outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. We can manage your firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network (VPN), vulnerability scanning, security awareness platform, network detection, deception, endpoint visibility and anti-malware systems. Our 24 x 7 Australian based Security Operation Center or SOC can provide you with state of the art cyber security services. We take care of running and operating your security systems and platforms, we provide the skills and expertise to maintain and strengthen your security posture. We’ve designed our services to reduce the number of operational security personnel you need to hire, train and retain. Our team of expert cybersecurity professionals becomes your team!

Our Directors

Wayne Tufek
Wayne Tufek
Wayne has over 20 years experience in designing and driving pragmatic, business driven strategies and solutions to establish, execute and improve cyber risk management in ASX listed companies and some of Australia’s largest organisations.
Leong Wang
Leong Wang
Leong has over 17 year’s experience in Information Technology specialising in Infrastructure and security services. He has a successfully managed and implemented information security technologies resulting in a significant uplift in security capabilities.


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