December 28, 2017

CyberRisk Sensor

Is your business safe from a cyber attack?

Small business is a target for cyber criminals. A successful cyber attack can disrupt your
businesses operations causing lost revenue and unhappy customers. In a worst case scenario
you could even go out of business.

When was the last time you checked your defences?

Most attacks can be stopped or mitigated by implementing basic measures, but the majority
of small businesses are not aware of weaknesses in their defenses until its is too late. Taking a
proactive approach to identifying where your defences must be improved can save you the cost
of cleaning up after a cyber attack.

My IT is Outsourced, so I’m OK

Do you know if your provider is doing a great, good or indifferent job?  Are they supplying you with a quality and above all secure service?  Are you getting what you’ve paid for?

Calculate your CyberRisk Score

You will obtain a comprehensive assessment of your businesses cyber risk that outlines and explains each area where there is an opportunity to strengthen your security.

Once the report is complete, we provide you with an hour consultation, either in person, or via the phone to run through the results and answer any questions you might have.








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