May 26, 2020

Swimlane – Common SOAR use cases to boost your SOC

Today’s security operations centers (SOCs) do not have the time, energy, or resources to keep pace with the growing security skills gap and evolving threat landscape. Security operations need to be able to secure their organizations by doing more with less.

This is where a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution comes in. Rather than being bogged down by arduous manual tasks, SOAR empowers your SOC by leveraging your existing people, processes, and technology to investigate and remediate threats at machine speeds.

SOAR is designed to help security teams manage and respond to endless alarms quickly and easily, without constant manual effort. SOAR platforms combine comprehensive data gathering, case management, standardisation, workflow and analytics to provide organisations the ability to implement sophisticated defense-in-depth capabilities.

  • SOAR solutions gather alarm data from each integrated platform and place them in a single location for additional investigation.
  • SOAR’s approach to case management allows users to research, assess and perform additional relevant investigations from within a single case.
  • SOAR establishes integration as a means to accommodate highly automated, complex incident response workflows, delivering faster results and facilitating an adaptive defense.
  • SOAR solutions include multiple playbooks in response to specific threats: Each step in a playbook can be fully automated or set up for one-click execution directly from within the platform—like Swimlane—including interaction with third-party products for comprehensive integration.

In a nutshell, SOAR—sometimes also known as security automation and orchestration (SAO)—integrates all of the tools, systems and applications within an organisation’s security toolset and then enables the SecOps team to automate incident response workflows.

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