May 24, 2020

Veracode – 5 principles of DevOps

Is your organisation ready to adopt the 5 principles of DevOps to create more secure code faster?   With security teams focused on reducing risk while development teams concentrate on creating their code quickly, it can be tricky to find a clear middle ground for delivering secure applications on tight timelines. Fortunately, the five main principles of DevOps can help your organization find the right pathway that allows developers to deliver code at DevOps speed – without sacrificing security.

Join this virtual workshop with Julian Totzek-Hallhuber, Principle Solution Architect of EMEA & APAC at Veracode, for an in-depth look at the five principles that will help you bolster communication between these often-siloed teams and implement a balanced application security program.  

LOCATION: Virtual Workshop
DATE: Wednesday 17 June 2020
TIME: 11am to 12pm AEST / 1pm to 2pm NZST   

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Principle Solution Architect EMEA & APAC, Veracode
 Julian is a solution architect at Veracode who has worked in IT security for close to 20 years. In management roles with various international technology brands he has developed deep domain expertise around application development, penetration testing and web application security.

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